Thursday, December 2, 2010


The kittens have discovered that if they simultaneously throw themselves into the bedroom door, it will pop open. Matt says it has something to do with it being the winter, but I think his door isn't latching correctly. His solution was to stack a couple of full laundry baskets next to the door so that even if it opened, they wouldn't be able to push it far enough to where they could get in. That worked okay, but it hasn't stopped them from throwing themselves against the door (while meowing pitifully).

I'd let them in, but Cataclysm tries to nest in/nurse on/lick clean my hair (NOT OKAY, Cat, and I will not have you editorializing on the state of my hair) and Catastrophe pounces, claws outstretched, on anything that moves beneath the blankets. They are also notorious for hosting Kitty Deathmatches on top of us while we're trying to sleep, and use our bodies as strategic cover. Needless to say, when we let them in, nobody gets any sleep (except for them, of course).

On the other hand, sleep is proving elusive when we don't let them in. Argh, cats.

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