Crafty Index

Like the reading list, but for blog posts about the stuff I make.


[K] = Knitting
[C] = Crochet
[S] = Sewing
[FO] = Finished Object
[WiP] = Work in Progress
Frogged :(


[S] Three new skirts [FO]
[S] Black and White Envelope Clutch [FO]
[K] Salt and Pepper Clapotis [FO] [WiP]
[K] Salt and Pepper Mitts [FO] [WiP]
[K] Clockwork Mitts [FO] [WiP]
[K] Lady of the Blue/Purple Forest Shawl [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] A Baby Blanket for Andi [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Clockwork Scarf [FO] [WiP]
[S] Runaround Bag #3 [FO]
[S] Runaround Bag #2 [FO]
[S] Runaround Bag #1 [FO] [WiP]
[K] Ugly March Hat [FO] [WiP]
[K] Orangey Stripe Socks [FO] [WiP]
[K] Stripey Mitts
[K] Matchy-Matchy Mitts [FO] [WiP]
[K] Multi-Directional Scarf [FO] [WiP]
[K] February Blue Hat [FO] [WiP]
[S] Quilt from Outer Space [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Very Ugly Socks [FO] [WiP]
[K] Clapoktus [FO] [WiP]
[K] Tonks Mitts [FO] [WiP]
[K] Francie Socks [FO] [WiP] [WiP #2]
[K] Quincy Hat [FO] [WiP]


[K] Beekeeper's Quilt [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Love Bytes [FO] [WiP 1] [WiP 2] [WiP 3]
[K] Ruffled Scarf [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Juneberry #2 [FO] [WiP]
[K] Lindsay's New Scarf [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Taffy Socks [FO] [WiP]


[K] Cabled Black Hat [FO]
[K] Carlina [Frogged :(]
[K] Camp Out Mitts [FO]
[K] Camp Out Hat [FO]
[K] Berry Stripey Socks [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Angee Socks [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Retro Stripe Socks [FO] [WiP #1] [WiP #2]
[K] Butterfly Socks [FO] [WiP #1]
[K] Whimsical Socks [FO] [WiP #1] [WiP #2] [WiP #3] [WiP #4]
[K] Pithy Hat [FO]
[K] Idiot-Proof Sideways Scarf #2 [FO] [WiP]
[K] Sample Fingerless Gloves [FO] [WiP]
[K] Aeolian, Attempt #2: [FO] [WiP 1 - Begining] [WiP 2 - Yucca] [WiP 3 - Transition, Agave, & Final Agave] [WiP 4 - Edging] [WiP 5 - Casting Off]
[K] Socks for My Mom [FO] [WiP]
[K] Omelet [WiP 1 - Chart A] [WiP 2 - Chart B & C] [WiP 3 - Chart D] [WiP 4 - Chart E]
[K] Juneberry [FO] [WiP 1 - Chart A] [WiP 2 - Chart B] [WiP 3 - Chart C] [WiP 4 - Chart D] [WiP 5 - Edging] [WiP 6 - A Close Call]
[K] Pogona 2 [FO] [WiP]
[K] Pogona [FO] [WiP 1] [WiP 2]
[K] Aeolian [FO] [WiP 1 - Yucca] [WiP 2 - Transition] [WiP3 - Agave] [WiP 4 - Final Agave] [WiP 5 - Edging]
[K] Idiot-Proof Sideways Scarf [FO] [WiP] [Swatch]
[K] Nunt's Cabled Wristwarmers [FO][WiP]
[K] Hello Kitty Blanket for Chelsea [FO] [WiP 1] [WiP 2] [WiP 3] [WiP 4] [WiP 5]

[K] Lindsay's X-Mas Scarf [FO] [WiP 1] [WiP 2] [WiP 3] [Yes, I do this every year]
[K] Mom's Bowl Game Hat [FO] [WiP]
[K] Haruni Shawl [FO] [WiP]