Thursday, January 13, 2011


In the interest of knitting up the yarn from Hell Sekku I purchased, I made a gauge swatch of the lace pattern I was planning on using. I don't generally swatch for scarves, as they're usually worked from top to bottom by casting on the width stitches and knitting until you run out of yarn. However, when you work from side to side, swatches become necessary as winding up with a scarf that's 84" x 4" is a very real (and very unfortunate!) possibility, especially when lace, which can expand unpredictably when blocked, is involved.

Behold, the swatch (using the ugly brown part of the yarn so I don't run short on the pretty colors):

From the swatch, I learn that I am getting about three stitches per inch, and that to get a scarf that is six feet (or seventy-two) inches long, I'll need to cast on 216 stitches. I'm not sure how much width I'll get out of it, but based on the length of the color repeats, it should be around six to eight inches.

I'll post the pattern once I'm finished. There seems to be a dearth of patterns for sideways-knit scarves, and I think this one will show off the Noro colors very nicely!

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