Friday, January 14, 2011

Recipe of the Week 2011 #2: Double Lemon Bars

It's been a rough week (lingering sickness, errand-filled days off, epic piles of laundry, work, and Hello Kitty blankets, oh my!), so I'm cheating with my recipe challenge by making something I've already made before: lemon bars. This time, however, I'm using the Smitten Kitchen recipe instead of the one from my Bon Appetit Cookbook. The two are fairly similar except the SK version calls for granulated sugar in the crust (instead of powdered) and uses more eggs, juice, and flour in the filling.

The end result is tasty (of course, I love all sour things), but I think I'll stick to my old faithful recipe on this one. The extra flour made the filling more creamy, as opposed to the gel-y consistency I get from my usual recipe. I also prefer the other crust; it's a little bit crunchier and less sweet. I'll still call this one a success, even though I doubt I'll use it again.

I saved extra zest so I can make madeleines tomorrow.

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