Sunday, May 15, 2011

Remember the Omelet Shawl?

Yeah, I finally finished Chart B. It's funny how four and a half repeats of the same chart can take forever and kill your motivation. Given how easily distracted I am, I have to be careful which patterns I select, because nothing sends a project to the UFO pile faster than near endless numbers of chart repeats. I suspected that the Omelet shawl would do this to me, and I was right. I managed to finish Chart A and the first two repeats of Chart B fairly quickly, but after that? It went into a drawer and stayed there for about three weeks.

This is why I never finish anything.

I was finally motivated to get cracking on finishing it by the arrival of Brave New Knits* from the library. I've had it on hold for about six months now, and it's finally my turn to borrow it. I would like to knit the Orchid Thief shawl, but in order to do that, I need the size six needle that the Omelet is currently occupying.** So, I've managed to knock out the last two and a half repeats of Chart B and all of Chart C (easy enough: it was only ten rows) over the course of the past four days. I'm pretty pleased with myself, even though I still have Chart D (twenty rows) and Chart E (thirty-four rows, plus the bind-off) to complete.

Hopefully, my beach trip will be fairly productive, knitting-wise. I will, after all, have to return that book to the library when I get back.

*I very rarely buy knitting books. 95% of the time, there are only one or two patterns I really like, so I just check them out of the library (or, if they're available a la carte online,. I'll buy them). The exceptions tend to be stitch guides and Cookie A's sock books.
**In order to keep the number of projects in the to-finish pile at a slightly less horrifying level, I only buy one of each needle size.

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