Saturday, January 29, 2011

A minor-ish setback

Running out of yarn is an ongoing problem of mine. I have an unfortunate tendency to underestimate how much yarn a given project will consume (this is why I am on my THIRD attempt of knitting an aeolian), sometimes patterns are wrong, and other times the crafting gods simply don't smile on me. 

The problem with this particular project is that my aunt wanted all of the Hello Kitties to have pink collars and pink bows, and there wasn't enough yarn to do seven pink squares, pink collars, and pink bows. In order to do all of the pink bows, I would need to unravel the seventh pink square, which led to changing the order of the squares, which, in turn, resulted in me having to pull apart all of the squares I'd already sewn together and start over. 

Other than that, progress has been steady. I have completed sixteen squares: six pink, three aqua, and two each of lavendar, blue, and green in addition to the central multi-colored square. I still have a lot more to do, but I have four days off next week, and will hopefully be able to knock out the rest of the squares and start the border. I've finished all of the kitty heads and collars, and should complete the bows tonight.

Obligatory project picture:

Not shown: five pink squares, fifteen pink bows, twenty Hello Kitty heads and collars, and the pink-square-that's-being unraveled.

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