Saturday, April 9, 2011

And on to Shawl #4 of 2011:

Now that my Juneberry Triangle is getting close to being finished, I've decided to start on my fourth shawl of the year: an Omelet.I have a giant skein of Zephyr laceweight in Pewter, a misty gray that's the color of egg whites when they hit the skillet, that has juuuust enough yardage to cover it (hopefully, I will not run out of yarn at the end. I will cry). I've finished Chart A, and am pretty sure this shawl is going to take forever to complete. I have to do four and a half repeats of Chart B, and then there's still C, D, and E.

I'll probably start a second Juneberry in the meanwhile. I have some blue yarn that it would look great in.

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