Friday, January 13, 2012

FO Friday: Juneberry Triangle the Second

This is another project that I started in 2011. It took me ages to finish, though, as lace projects do not mesh well with knitting in class (the rule: if it has a chart, it's not a good class project) and I lost some of my blocking supplies in the move and hadn't gotten around to replacing them. It's also taken the better part of a week for this sucker to dry thanks to how cold and wet the air is in my dad's basement/ garage this time of year. 

Pattern: Juneberry Triangle by Jared Flood
Cascade 220
Needle: US #8

Finished Size:  Not quite as ginormous as the first one that I made, but nevertheless Pretty Huge, as far as shawls go.  56" wide and 29" deep.

I modified this pattern by not completing all of the repeats in the second chart. I think I stopped 10 or 12 rows early and did a little fudging so that the next chart would line up right. If you look at the chart, it's fairly easy to replicate what I did. 

One thing that I think is really amazing about knitting lace is the way that blocking totally transforms what you've made. This is what my shawl looked like before I blocked it:

It's lumpy, uneven, you can't see the stitches or the pattern, and it's kind of on the small side. 

When you block something, you soak it in water until the yarn has been thoroughly saturated. Then, you stretch it to a more desirable proportion and pin it out so that it dries that way. 

When it's done, you can see the stitches and design much better and it's a lot larger (note the relative size of the box of tea bags). 

Big improvement, yes?

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