Monday, January 16, 2012

BAND: January Prompt & An Exciting Announcement!

Learn more about BAND here.

Joy of Joy's Book Blog asks:

What book or books have you used or are you using to support a goal, resolution, or project?

I am hereby pleased to announce that I will be hosting August in the 2012 Year of Feminist Classics. We'll be reading The Bluest Eye, and I'm pretty excited about hosting the discussion. After all, I did write my undergraduate thesis on Toni Morrison. 

Other than that (and the other books for the challenge along with the ones from last year I didn't get to), I don't have any specific books that I plan to read this year. There are some new releases I'm looking forward to (the sequel to Delirium, for example, and I think Jasper Fforde has a new book or two slated to come out this year as well), though. I'm trying to keep my standards low in case grad school eats my life again.


  1. I haven't done a BAND post in a while. I think I should get back into the habit.

    I think I may try doing some of these books with the challenge. I don't think I've read any of these and know I've never read anything by Toni Morrison at all.

  2. Yayyyy I'm so excited for the YoFC books this year :D I've yet to read any Morrison so am also looking forward to that.