Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I'm Excited About

  1. I have joined the intelligentsia and subscribed to The New York Book Review. I also have subscriptions to The Nation, Atlantic, National Geographic, and Wine Enthusiast. Nook magazine subscriptions + my tablet = best thing ever.
  2. I tried a beer this weekend that tasted like beef Ramen noodles. True story. (It was Abita Winter, if you're curious or like beer that tastes like extra salty, artificially meaty noodles.)
  3. They are finally airing new episodes of the TV shows I like.
  4. My internship. It's pretty amazing, and it really sucks that I can't blog about it here, because damn. THE STORIES.
  5. My classes thus far: I like my electives. I don't have the required ones until Friday. 
  6. Not having to work until mid-February.
  7. And still getting paid. Yay, funemployment!
  8. Possibly visiting Canada at some point this year.
  9. The fact that the school library allows grad students to check out books until the end of the semester.
  10. My hair. It looks pretty awesome these days.

1 comment:

  1. I am especially excited about #8 :D All of those sound exciting except the beer one, but visiting Canada is extra awesome, of course.