Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dear Abby,

I made you a scarf-y/shawl-y thing for your birthday. I know, I know, it was two months ago, but hey! Better late than never. Hopefully, the purpley awesomeness will make up for the tardiness.

There is a catch, though: you have to come here to claim it. This is your shiny new incentive (apart from French food and wine tastings) to come see me!

Miss you and love you,

PS: About the shawl:

Pattern: Pogona, by Stephen West
Yarn: Purple Mystery Yarn
Needle: US #6
Finished Size:  14" deep at the longest point. Not that long, but it's meant to be a neck wrap.
Notes: Blocking was an interesting process due to all the angles.

Overall, I am really happy with it. I'm going to make one for myself next.

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