Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowy Sunday

On the rare occasion that I have a weekend day off, I like to make breakfast. Sometimes I make the traditional eggs, bacon, and (fake) meat, sometimes I make French toast, others I make cheese grits with fried eggs (scrambled for Matt, as he has a pathological aversion to runny yolks. Whatevs), but mostly, I make pancakes. Pancakes are the preferred breakfast food around these parts, especially when they're served with MorningStar Farms Hot & Spicy Veggie Sausage Patties, which, I swear, taste better than their meaty counterparts.

(Side note: Neither Matt nor I is vegetarian. We like some vegetarian products and prefer tofu to chicken in our Thai food, but it's a combination of laziness and deep love of bacon, sushi, and the occasional cheeseburger that prevents either of us from making the full switch. Well, for him, anyway. I'm anemic, so an 100% vegetarian diet leads to me being sick 24/7.)

Anyway, Pancakes. I use this recipe, and it always comes out well despite the stove I have to work with, whose temperature regulation is capricious to the extreme. You'll often find me cursing at it when I'm cooking, especially when things that require even heating, like pancakes and sauces, are involved. I long for the day when I will have a grown-up kitchen that features novelties like gas burners, more than one oven, a built-in griddle, and a dishwasher that actually cleans the dishes placed therein. Yes, internet: I dream big.

Seriously, though. I'd sleep in a hammock in a yurt for the rest of my life if I could have an awesome kitchen. 

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