Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recipe of the Week 2011 #4: Oven Home Fries, Tofu, and Fancy Ramen

As regular readers have probably noticed, I have a multitude of food addictions. One of the worst is my persistent cravings for spicy ramen noodles, which I have a devil of a time finding here in Asheville. We don't have a lot by way of international grocery stores, unfortunately. I did manage to find a tiny Asian grocery that carries my favorite brand of noodles: shin ramyun. 

They're quite hot by themselves, so I always cook other stuff to add in. I usually go for eggs, tofu, and potatoes, but I do sometimes add veggies if they're in season and I have them on hand. Since most veggies aren't in season right now, I'm making the scaled-down version. 

I used this recipe for the home fries (minus the onion and pepper) and this one for the tofu. Both are super-easy and take practically no time at all. I scramble the eggs, usually one per package of ramen. I sometimes add in an extra one, though. I LOVE eggs.

Braver souls can add in Sambal or Sriracha, but I wouldn't recommend it without trying the included seasonings first. I have a pretty high tolerance for spicy food, and if I don't add enough water, shin ramyun's too spicy for me. 

Lastly, in keeping with the "Why do I bother making complicated things when this is your favorite thing to eat?" theme in the kitchen here, this is one of Matt's favorite foods. 

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