Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Putting my knitting in time-out.

I had to frog the Aoelian after a mishap involving a kinked up connecting cord that somehow wound its way through parts of the shawl I'd already knitted that managed to knock a bunch of stitches off the needles when I tried to remove it. Twenty or thirty stitches dropped in three different places, and I threw in the towel. There was no picking all of them up in-pattern, and since I stupidly didn't use any lifelines, I had to unravel the whole freaking thing. The yarn is rolled up in a ball and sitting in time-out in the back of the closet. I'll come back to it later.

My next tasks are straightening the connecting cord (placing it in boiling water and then straightening it under some big books on the countertop), casting on for a different shawl for a friend, and, of course, finishing up the Hello Kitty blanket.

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