Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yogurt Sale Day!

I'm not really sure how I feel about devoting a blog post to yet another aspect of my Speshul Snoflayke eating habits. On one hand, I tend to be self-conscious about them; on the other, I like to talk about myself and my obvious speshulness. Quite the conundrum.

The picture to the left should indicate which decision I made.

This week, my favorite brand of yogurt was on sale, and, as is my habit, I bought an absurd amount of it, pulling them from the back of the rack to ensure that I got the latest expiration dates possible (yes, I know, grocery store workers everywhere probably hate my guts. I promise, I always put the ones I don't take back neatly). This is because I am a Speshul Snoflayke who dislikes the taste of artificial sweetener and fake fruit flavors, which render most brands of yogurt varying degrees of inedible. Tragically, the brands that I will eat tend to cost more, as is generally the case with organic dairy products, so I can only buy them when they're on sale.

Twenty-five cups of yogurt later, I should have enough to last me until the next time they go on sale.

The reason that I eat so much yogurt, by the way, is because it's the ideal pre-workout food. I don't often have time to eat something solid, wait forty-five minutes to an hour for it to digest, go to the gym, do an hour's worth of cardio, and then make it back home in enough time to get cleaned up and ready for work. With yogurt, I can eat a cup right before I walk out the door and be able to work out without getting hungry or feeling like I'm going to throw up. Both are more or less equally unpleasant, and I try to avoid that whenever possible.

I also don't want to develop osteoporosis when I'm older.

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