Monday, May 30, 2011

Apologies, etc.

I'd like to apologize for my sporadic/late/backdated entries of late. My life has, once again, taken a turn for the crazy. I've been totally consumed between:

  1. Gearing up for grad school. I have a million tiny, tiny things to take care of before it gets started. I need to get a student ID made, check up on the status of my parking permit, and, most importantly, have a cage fight with the residency status-determining bureaucracy, which has arbitrarily and unfairly designated me an out-of-state student. I'm gathering my documentation and filling out the long form, and will hopefully have it sent off by Thursday. (Please cross your fingers for me on this. It's $20,000 worth of difference over the course of the degree.)
  2. Dealing with a very unpleasant work situation. I've always made an effort to not blog about my job, partly because I think it's extremely unprofessional to snark on one's co-workers, bosses, or customers/clients on the public internet, and partly because my company has a fairly strict social networking policy ("Make us look bad, and we will can you."), so let's just say conditions have gotten to the point where I've decided to cut my shifts and go back to waiting tables part-time (if you'd like the full deets, feel free to e-mail me). So far, I have one offer and one second interview, and am feeling pretty optimistic about the whole situation.
  3. House-hunting. Matt's acquiring another house so he can rent the one he's living in now, and...guys, house-hunting is sucky, hot, and difficult. A surprising number of houses up here do not have air-conditioning, and a number of the ones that do have been foreclosed on and therefore have no electricity. Beyond that, it's apparently quite difficult to find a house up here that has a basement that doesn't have foundation/retaining wall problems (we're talking cracks you can see daylight through, people) or water seepage issues. That on top of finding something with a good floorplan, enough space, a not-microscopic kitchen, and a location that's not far away from everything that doesn't cost a small fortune (what housing bubble burst? Asheville remains absurdly expensive, housing-wise, for a city its size) is well-nigh impossible.
  4. Uh...reading books? Knitting? Baking cookies? Making passive-aggressive comments about the amount of time Matt spends playing video games? Wherever else my non-blogging time goes. 
I'll get better, maybe. In the meanwhile, I have a ton of book review updates scheduled. 

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