Thursday, June 30, 2011

More House Nattering: Picture Edition!

Matt and I met up with the HVAC and window people at the new house today. While 90% of the fixes the new house needs are cosmetic in nature, that other 10% is pretty important and needs to be dealt with immediately. The two biggest issues involve the air-conditioning system and the windows. The A/C unit is way too small relative to the size of the house, and the fan system is located in a utility room just off the living/dining room area. This means that the existing system not only doesn't adequately cool the house, it generates a lot of noise. The fix: installing a larger heat pump and moving the whole shebang up a floor into the attic (fortunately, there's enough room). The windows aren't in bad shape, but they are really old: they're original to the house, which was built in 1954. That means they're really inefficient, and bleed heat and air. The fix: new ones! This may cost a small fortune given the weird sizing and the fact that some of them will have to be custom jobs.

Meanwhile, back at the current house, Matt has a few projects to take care of. He spent the afternoon fixing a few leaks in the roof. This picture depicts the face he made when I advised him not to fall off the ladder (the last time he did that, he broke through a ceiling and dislocated his collarbone). He said that project is finished, so he only has a few left: fixing a leaky window, locating and fixing a leak under the master bathroom, repainting the entire house, ripping up all of the carpet and parquet and installing hardwood floors. I told him his next duty was to set up a wordpress account (for whatever reason, he prefers it to blogger) so that he can post pictures of his roof-fixing endeavor from earlier.

I have projects, too: helping out with the painting and removing the (godawful, moldy) wallpaper in the master bathroom. It's started to peel in places, so hopefully it'll come off easily. I'm probably not going to be involved in The Great Re-Flooring thanks (seriously, I hate dealing with carpet removal) to my weekend work schedules. The others should be able to get it done fairly quickly, though. Time is of the essence here; we want to get this house rented out as soon as we possibly can--the income will be paying for the renovation and furnishing of the new place.

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  1. Oh my, that does NOT sound like a good fall at all :S Hopefully doesn't happen again. All the best with the renovations to both places - if you still need help when I'm back in mid-August I'm totally good at painting ;) (Also, good call Matt on preferring Wordpress :D heh)