Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Behold: Organization!

Or something like it. The room that will become my office has two walls of built-in bookshelves. One is floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the other is 40% cabinet on the bottom, and then the bookshelves on top extend up to the ceiling.

I was originally planning on using the cabinet space for fabric storage and putting the yarn in glass jars and vases to be scattered around the shelves. I'd seen other knitters go that route, and it had a pretty neat effect. I ultimately decided against it, though, as the types of colors I use don't stand out against the medium brown, wooden walls (which I may or may not be painting, but that's neither here nor there at the moment). There's also the issue of stash: I'm trying to get rid of it, and using yarn as a decoration instead of, you know, knitting with it, isn't really conducive to that.

Instead, I measured the inside of the cabinet, went to Target, and picked up some storage bins that would fit. PSA: if any of you are thinking about doing some organizing, now is a good time to hit the stores for supplies. School's about to start, and I've found the kits they sell for college dormitories to be remarkably versatile. I returned home with my Sterilites, and got to sorting.

As it turns out, I have less yarn than I originally thought; only three tub's worth instead of four. The two tubs on the left have yarn I haven't used yet. The top tub contains lightweight yarn (lace, fingering,  and sport weights), while the bottom tub holds heavier weights (dk, worsted, aran, and bulky). The tub on the top right holds yarn that has been knitted, either works in progress or half-completed projects that need to be frogged, or unraveled, and knitted into something else. The tub on the bottom right holds my sewing machine, notions, and patterns. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough space in the cabinet for my fabric, so my fabric tub went into the closet where I keep my winter jackets and knitted accessories. I'll post a photo of that some other time. I'm hoping that once I get my yarn stash down to a reasonable size, I'll be able to transfer the fabric to that space.

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  1. Ooohhh beautiful! I love organization!! What my roommate uses for yarn a lot is the plastic containers that you get spinach or salad greens in at the grocery store - works well for smaller shelves and for projects in work.