Wednesday, July 20, 2011



+ My dad is still blood negative. Yay!
+ I got all of my errands done yesterday.
+ I only have two more shifts at my first job until my educational hiatus begins.
+ School starts a month from Friday.
+ Matt is closing on the new house tomorrow.
+ I'm getting to see my sister soon.
+ Amy will be visiting again soon.
+ I have adorable kitties.


- I did not get all of my knitting or book reviews done. Not enough hours in the day...
- Despite over a year's worth of yarn dieting, I have yet to make even a dent in my yarn stash.
- I need new shoes. My feet hurt all the time.
- I'm going to have to drive to Bristol twice to retrieve all of my stuff from my storage unit.
- My bangs grow out too fast and I never have time to get them trimmed.
- I am very daunted by all the stuff the new house will need.
- We're supposed to move into the new place on Saturday, and nobody has started packing. Not. Good.

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  1. Hehe you sound like my roommate with the yarn dieting. She's got SO MUCH YARN! It's kinda awesome. Sounds like busy but at least some good stuff. If only I was going to be there sooner to help move :)