Monday, July 18, 2011

Obligatory Mea Culpa Entry

Apologies for the late updates for the last week and a half. I (stupidly) volunteered to work an extra shift, which led to me having zero days off for close to two weeks. Needless to say, I was completely beat by day eight and had no energy left for anything other than knitting, watching Grey's Anatomy on netflix, and the posting the occasional one-liner on google+.

Sadly, it's looking like the next two weeks aren't going to be much better. Matt's closing on the new house this Thursday (three days! omg!), and intends on moving over the course of this weekend. Since he waited 'til the last minute to select the moving date, I will be unable to help him because I have to work doubles on Friday and Saturday, and by the time my Sunday brunch shift is over, he'll be done. I am completely, 100% okay with this. I hate moving, and getting out of the lion's share of it makes me positively giddy. All I have to do is throw my stuff in boxes and unpack them once they arrive. True, I'll have to haul some stuff down from Bristol and transport my stuff that's in the closet (and my dad's garage), but I'll worry about that later.

Tomorrow is my day off, and I don't have to work until one on Wednesday. I'm pretty excited, but I have a crazy amount of stuff to do since all of my errands have fallen by the wayside over the last few weeks:

  • Go to the gym twice.
  • Go to the library, return books, and pay a fine (apologies to those of you who had to wait for The Psychopath Test and Packing For Mars).
  • Go to dad's house, pick up mail.
  • Go to Earth Fare, buy shampoo and wine.
  • Go to Yarn Shop, acquire stitch markers and darning needles.
  • Go to the bank, deposit serving earnings and meager paycheck.
  • Write SEVEN (omg) book reviews. I'm so pitifully behind. 
  • Finish my Juneberry shawl, block it, and post an FO entry about it.
  • Finish my sample fingerless gloves, post a tutorial and an FO entry about it.
  • Work on an assortment of knitting projects.
Yeah, that's a lot. Sigh. I foresee the exhaustion continuing well into the next two weeks...which is when school starts. Being an adult sucks!

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  1. Wow, good luck with the list! I'll be anxiously awaiting you having free time to email ;)