Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Books are heavy.

Just like this entry.

I tend to be a little hesitant about including details about my personal life on here. I tend to be pretty reserved where that subject is concerned on a good day, and talking about my relationships publicly has burned me pretty nicely in the past. This, however, needs to be said:

Matt and I broke up this morning, and I've spent my day thus far hauling all of my things back to my dad's house.

Hence the entry title.

Hence also why you won't be seeing him or the house (which belongs to him) or the cats (ditto) on here anytime in the near future, if ever again.

I'm not planning on going into the how or the why. I don't think that's ever a good idea, and I don't harbor any ill will towards Matt (...that the golf ball his back windshield took less than an hour after the "we're over" talk happened didn't satisfy), so I'll avoid dragging him through the mud on here. If you know me well enough to be my facebook friend or know my cell number, feel free to contact me via those mediums (or my e-mail) if you want to talk about it.

I just wanted you guys to know what's up, and to tell you that I'm doing okay. I have somewhere to live, things are amicable, and I'll be fine. Eventually.

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  1. I feel like I should point out for other readers that as far as I know the golf ball was NOT your doing ;) Sending lots of positive thoughts!