Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another week, done.

I'm amazed at how crazy busy I have been since school started back. This past week was especially eventful; I was so slammed, I didn't even have time to knit after Tuesday! Here's what I accomplished:

  1. Going to class on Monday and Tuesday, which are all-day-long affairs involving a whole lot of driving.
  2. Attending several group meetings for class projects.
  3. Going to court for the current case in my volunteering gig which has eaten my life.
  4. Running a bunch of errands all over town for said case. Wish I could talk about it more, but my org's confidentiality rules are pretty hardcore since I'm working with kids.
  5. Writing a lengthy report and compiling documentation for said case. I really need to be more organized.
  6. Doing a ton of reading. For class, sigh.
  7. Working.
  8. Working out! I'm thankful my dad has an elliptical machine since I'm pretty sure I lost my Y Family Membership in the breakup. Sadly, I have to do homework reading instead of fun reading on it. That's why I haven't finished a book in over a month. 
  9. Going out with my co-workers after work Wednesday and yesterday. 
  10. Pro-tip: Sake slushies are both a great and terrible idea. Sugar + booze + me + the following day = disaster no matter how much (or little!) I drink. But damn, they were tasty!
  11. Pro-tip #2: If you're going to wear a dress that's cut up to your ass in a club that has blacklights, wear dark undies. Nobody wants to see just how far the dude you're dancing with is hiking it up. 
  12. Having really awesome hair. I don't know what's up with that, but everyone has been liking it lately. 
So, yeah. I'm doing okay and things are going really well. Even though the workload is crushing me, I'm really enjoying school and am looking forward to finishing out this semester. From what the second-years have said, it's by far the hardest one, and once you make it through, it's smooth sailing. 

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