Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have officially survived my first semester of graduate school. I will now sum up what I have learned:
  • Always be ready to run, and don't wear shoes you can't run in.
  • If feminism is the radical notion that women are people, social work is the radical notion that all people have worth (even the bad ones).
  • I really hate APA formatting. MLA 4 LYFE!
  • Tab is Coke's pink-haired, overly-sweet little sister. 
  • There is no such thing as a "worried whale." 
  • Related to the above: paying attention in class is a good thing.
  • I am still the Evel Knieval of procrastination (this is probably not a good thing...), as are many of my classmates.
  • Utilitarianism can be used to justify basically everything, including telling kids to not drink Mountain Dew because it makes you stupid.
  • White kids use way more drugs and drink more than black kids do, but Native American kids abuse substances the most.
  • It is generally considered unwise to have your clients mow your lawn for you. 
  • Do your documentation.
  • Living on a casino boat sucks.
  • Don't take your work home with you, and don't bring your home with you to work.
  • Drug tests are expensive and largely ineffective. 
  • Kicking puppies is not an appropriate form of self-care.
  • And, uh, much, much more.
I'm looking forward to next semester. I finally get to take some electives and am embarking upon my very first internship! Sadly, I am unable to blog about said internship due to the usual confidentiality constraints. Perhaps one day I will write a book. 

Anyway, I don't start school again until January 9th, and therefore have an abundance of time in which I can knit, read some frivolous stuff, watch some TV, clean my room, go running, and blog about the same. I've really missed you guys! Hope you haven't stopped reading!

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  1. You know what else you should do on said break? Visit Canada. Just an idea. LOL
    That is quite the list of things you learned, I'm a fan of many of them. The first is kinda scary though...

    WELCOME BACK!!! <3