Friday, December 23, 2011

For the Rest of Us

Happy Festivus, one and all. I have already accomplished a few feats of strength (I ran three miles, then went shopping two days before xmas), and I am now airing my grievances:

  1. My yarn won't knit itself.
  2. I have a giant zit in the middle of my freaking forehead that is preventing me from going out.
  3. Finding pants that fit me is really difficult.
  4. My hair straightener has burned the crap out of me many times over the course of this year.
  5. The vast majority of people I know think I'm a giant weirdo.
  6. I still haven't mastered applying makeup.
  7. Especially lipstick.
  8. I'm not photogenic.
  9. I've lost three cats this year (two to the breakup from hell, one to cancer). Kind of over it.
  10. The breakup from hell itself and all of its attendant/subsequent ridiculousness. 
  11. Driving to Cullowhee and back for grad school twice a week all semester...
  12. ...and having to do it again next semester despite the program's curriculum that stated that all of my classes would be in Asheville. 
  13. Gas is still $3+ a gallon.
  14. Amy's work won't let her come see me again. :(
  15. I was too busy with school to finish my reading challenges for 2011, and I'm not even going to bother signing up for any in 2012 because I know my life will be just as nuts then, too.
And probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting. 2011 was tough, yo. 

I'll post a list of good things before the year is out, promise. 

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  1. BOOOO to #14 especially! THOUGH I hereby do promise to see you this year. Because you must visit, and I shall hopefully also visit you!