Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grown-Up Accomplishments Thus Far

I'm now two weeks into break, and I have thus far:
  1. Obtained business cards.
  2. Gotten a background check done for my internship.
  3. Figured out how to operate a curling iron (at 27. I'm not good at that sort of thing). 
  4. Finished the second Juneberry (though I still need to block it).
  5. Started my sister's scarf, which is knit at a tiny gauge and is consequently taking forever.
  6. Ran 4-ish miles at a time.
  7. Re-started Only Revolutions.
  8. Worked on my Taffy socks.
  9. Knitted a few hexapuffs.
  10. Plodded away at cleaning out the e-mail inbox. I have about three year's worth of facebook notifications archived, sigh. 
It's really too bad knitting is a zero-sum game. If I'm working on one thing, I can't work on something else, and my sister's scarf has turned out to be way more time-consuming than I originally anticipated. 

1 comment:

  1. Oooohhhh I want a business card! Do I have to visit to get one? hehe. Also, goodness, I can't do most of those things so impressive.