Sunday, December 25, 2011

xmas xmas.

Now that I am home from work, I am looking forward to the evening ahead:

Part I: Working out on the elliptical while re-reading Harry Potter (so much for reading new stuff over break).

Part II: A roasted veggie pizza, Syrah, and Arrested Development on Netflix.

Part III: More Arrested Development and working on my sister's scarf.

I know some people find spending Christmas alone weird and sad, but for me, a second of solitude during the holidays is a rare treat. I have a huge family on both sides (that are in a fairly constant state of conflict over Quality Time where my sister and I are concerned), and my holidays therefore have historically been more chaotic and stressful than anything else. Not having to deal with all that has been nice, even if I did miss my two-year-old cousin's rendition of "Red Solo Cup" (my twenty-five-year-old cousin is not a good influence).

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