Friday, November 19, 2010

Introductory post

The main purpose of this post is to act as a placeholder while I tweak the design on this thing. I am hilariously bad at color schemes, so it'll probably take a little while.

In the interest of this entry being longer than a few lines, I'll explain the name/title.

"Underneath a book" is a line from a Liz Phair song from whitchocolatespaceegg, her last good album. It was featured in High Fidelity, which is one of my favorite movies despite the fact that I loathe the ending. Team Charlie all the way, my friends.

As for the rest:

I have a thousand very strong opinions and I have a difficult time keeping them to myself. You'll see.

I also have an abundance of hobbies, but they fall into the following categories: reading/writing, knitting/crochet, drawing/painting, cooking, and shooting my mouth off.

There are two cats who live with me, Cataclysm and Catastrophe. They're pretty cute when they're not eating my yogurt (Cataclysm) or screwing up my knitting projects (Catastrophe).

And this, of course, is the blog. Welcome!

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