Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Everyday.

Sometimes I think I should do more blogging about my everyday adventures. Sadly, most of the amusing things that happen to me aren't fit to print for an assortment of reasons that range from "I'd really like to keep my job(s)" to "Yeah, my dad/sister really doesn't need to know about that" to "Wow, I've really gotten boring since I graduated from college and stopped living in what amounts to a clothing-optional commune." Not that the last one matters; even if my life continued to resemble a Brett Easton Ellis novel (which it does occasionally, just not as much), I'd still be less than willing to spill the deets where family members can read them.

Here lately, my daily activities have involved working, going to the gym, reading books, and harassing Matt about starting a blog about the new house endeavor. The latter should be ready within the next few weeks; we're set to close on the new house on the 21st and have a few projects around the current house to complete before then. All Matt needs to do is get his wordpress account set up and port it over to his domain name. Very exciting and all, but since I have no intention of doing it for him, it's on him. (I will, apparently, be doing the photography and editing for that blog. Whatevs.)

Today, though, I got to have dinner with Amy, a fellow feminist book blogger. It was pretty awesome; I really like meeting people from THE INTERNET. I always feel like I have more to talk about with them.

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  1. Yay thanks again for meeting up, I had a great time! See you soon in a month or so hopefully :D