Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gigantic Undertakings

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by my current reading material. I've been bogged down in Vanity Fair (which I'm reading for the Victorian Lit challenge) since April. It's not that I'm not enjoying it, it's that it's such an everlasting slog, it's not even funny. I get it, Thackeray. You're funny. Let's move on, shall we? I'll probably finish it eventually, but I'm so burned out I can't even turn my nook on.

Beyond that, I'm having a difficult time getting going on The Second Sex, the Classic Feminist Lit challenge book for July, and it's over seven hundred pages! I really need to get cracking on that if I'm to finish it by the end of the month (also, it's a library book). It's also going to be something of a slog; the English translation is so densely-worded.  I'm already having a hard time focusing. Not fun.

Hopefully, I'll get some reading done on my day off tomorrow. I also have a gigantic backlog of book reviews to write and some online-presence housekeeping to take care of (I just got google+, so I need to organize my picasa albums, and my goodreads page is so sadly neglected). This whole working six days a week thing is really killing my ability to do this whole "blogging every day" thing. Oof.


  1. Oh man, I'm scared to pick up The Second Sex, not going to lie. I have the exact same edition you have by the way :) Good luck!! Alsoooo jealous of your google+ ;)

  2. I sent you an invite, but it may take a bit to show up. It took over 12 hours for me to get mine. :)