Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recipe of the Week 2011 #8: Tortellini Gratinata with Mushrooms and Parsnip "Bechamel"

I got this recipe from the March 2011 Bon Appetit. I didn't recall having ever eaten parsnips, so I was pretty excited to try this recipe. I didn't modify anything, but I'm pretty sure that if I make it again, I'll mix the faux-bechamel sauce into the pasta before baking it. The recipe said to spoon in on top, but it didn't migrate its way downward the way I would have preferred. It still tasted pretty good, though!

(I need to figure out more creative ways to photograph my casserole dish.)

(Oh, and I also got busted for melting the spoon mentioned here. I didn't toss it fast enough.)

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